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Custom software for a competitive advantage.

We develop:

  • Major projects like ERP, inventory, order processing, shipping and invoicing.
  • Small projects like EDI, data reformatting, machine interface and report writing.

MicroGuide has the tools and knowledge to develop and deliver solutions.

Here are a sample of the projects that we have completed recently-


A payroll-processing firm required a customized invoicing system that would compliment their packaged payroll-processing program. MicroGuide analyzed the undocumented SQL databases, determined the best data structures necessary to compliment the existing tables and created a solution.

Shipment accuracy:

How can you tell if a skid contains the correct number of items? MicroGuide created a program that determines the theoretical weight of a skid and then compares it to the actual weight. This is done with a direct interface to the scale while the skid is being wrapped for shipment. Errors in quantity are caught before the skid leaves the dock resulting in higher fill rates, fewer customer complaints, and less work for the front office staff.

Address entry:

What do you do when your customer sends you 500 store addresses in an excel spreadsheet each month and you are expected to determine which are new, which have changed and update your computer system accordingly? MicroGuide wrote a custom solution that read the excel file, performed an address-by-address verification and updated a packaged ERP system's files. The order entry office was notified of changes via an HTML formatted report sent via in-house email.


The standard that is different for each customer. MicroGuide has written many small programs that reform, verify, sort and process EDI data before the standard EDI programs process it. This results in more accurate date entering and leaving the system and reduces manual processing.

Order Entry:

A business with very specialized, complex order entry requirements needed a form that could be used by inexperienced sales staff. MicroGuide worked closely with the company to develop an intuitive, simple format that would meet their needs.

Let MicroGuide develop a solution to meet your business needs.